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Bible Study- Practical Tips

Are you consistently overwhelmed by the thought of studying your Bible? The Bible is deemed the top-selling book world over, yet many individuals find it very hard to understand. Referred to as the word of God, a bible is a book to be studied not just to be read. It is a life reference book for everyday living.

Different authors in Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew languages originally wrote the Bible to varying times in history. The English translation of this original version ranges from the strict to the more contemporary. This article will shed some light on the popular and widespread Bible, including the Old and the New Testament. Highlighted are some of the few tips that can prove successful in beginning exploring the workings of the Bible.

Select a Bible

Choosing a particular Bible for study in the market can be highly confusing because of the many options available. Even though King James version is deemed as the nearest translation to the original Bible, it can also be very frustrating to tackle and hard to decipher. The versions that contain interpretations and study notes near the text are beneficial for the people who are new to bible study.


Try setting a place and time for study that is identical every day. Sticking to a definite routine is very important. The more you build around the appointment time with your Bible, the simpler the habit will become. Just pick somewhere sure to start and begin. Every time you study, you will grow and learn something new. If you make time regularly for studying daily, your relationship with God will change for the better and grow deeper. Loved, understanding, joy, and peace will be yours.


You increase your biblical understanding, begin with a prayer attitude. Praying for an appreciation of God’s word will bring your Bible to life. This word is alive, and God reveals himself through this word.


Christians usually study the Bible to know their creator and know His ways to lead a successfully Godly life. There are no wrong or correct answers when it comes to bible studying. Focusing on particular books or topics is the most common study method.


The Bible is like a big gold mine containing valuable nuggets. Every section of this mine has pieces of life lessons and truths. Christian calendars with devotional books, inspirational verses use this approach. There are study books identifying topics of interest like love, faith, hope, and discouragement that offer particular verses depending on the selected theme for study.


Choosing a specific bible book is another tactic. It is easier focusing first on the New Testament. The book of John is a good start since it an easy read and tells the whole story of Jesus.

You must bear in mind the fact that thee Bible is the word of God that is inspired to human beings. Thus, you must study it with a humble and positive attitude, and the time you spend with your Bible will open doors to freedom and salvation.

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