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Features Of Free Conference Calls

A conference call can be defined as a call in which one communicates with more than one person at the same time. The conference call allows for the other party being called to respond or participate during the call or not.

Other participants can be added to be part of the conversation or the call. Conference bridging is done when other participants are to be included to be part of the conference call.

Conference calls are mostly utilized in businesses. conference calls are mostly utilized in areas such as; sales presentations or client meetings, project meetings and updates, regular team meetings, training classes and communication to employees in different localities.

Cost cutting and increasing work efficiency is one of the positive traits of using conference calls in businesses. These calls are combined together with web conferences to share documents and presentations via the internet. This is beneficial in that the presenter describes the presentation in detail and give clear explanations on the same while viewing the presentation.

The language used should follow the right etiquette needed for the conference call. The nature of business conference calls is that they are host assisted.

The main difference in free conference calls and free conference calls Is that they have no organizer fees, no operator and no limitation in number of people tot. A difference can be noted between the sound quality in paid and free calls. In paid conference calls, the quality is better than free calls which have been said to be poor.

The main way in which a conference company gets money from free conference calls s when they partner or strike an agreement with the local phone company to share in the revenue they earn. No organizer fee applies in that no extra costs are incurred to the customer when making calls except for the standard calling rates as per their calling plan.

The features of free conference calls are such as; online conference manager, has a large capacity, allows for free conference recording, conference call reporting, and all day conferencing.

The pros of free conferencing lie in the cost in that, no extra charges are incurred when one includes a large group to conference with and also the overall cost of the call is cheaper than standard conference calls. All the benefits of free conference calls include; have speed and offer convenience, they cannot be ignored, introduce all the participants involved, offer clarity when people are speaking to each other and they eliminate the physical distance between voices. Owing to the multiple benefits associated with free conference calls it would be advisable to use them as part of our everyday communication.

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